Custom Headrest Systems

Custom Tailored To Meet Your Needs

You shouldn't have to settle on appearance just to keep the kids entertained. Thanks to Audiovox innovation, you compromise nothing. The Audiovox Custom Headrest Systems are all custom tailored from color, material, grain pattern, stitching, piping, the headrest bun shapes and assemblies. All options are designed to match the factory headrests and the solid frame construction ensures stability. The posts are notched to factory spec, plus offer a variety of flexible configurations to fit all needs and budgets.
  • Color, material, grain pattern, stitching, piping — are all custom tailored.
  • Headrest bun shapes and assemblies are designed to match the factory headrests.
  • Solid frame construction ensures stability; posts are notched to factory spec.
  • Elegant & cleanly designed monitors are securely fastened to headrest.
  • Advanced electronics, picture & sound rival much higher priced systems.
  • Plus... a variety of flexible configurations fit all needs and budgets — Dual DVD, Single DVD/Single Monitor, Dual Monitors, etc.
  • Optional GAME PACK which includes a plug-in save module pre-loaded with 54, 32 bit videos games with two wireless controllers.

Replacement Headrest Systems

Dual DVD Monitor System - VXDD7012
  • Dual DVD players that play both DVD's and CD's
  • Both monitors incorporate a USB reader with charging support
Single DVD/ Single Monitor System - AVXDM7012
  • Monitor 1 incorporates a DVD player that plays both DVD's and CD's
  • Monitor 1 incorporates a USB reader with charging support
Dual Monitor Only System - AVXMM7012
  • System includes A/V input source sensing to turn on monitor when an input signal is detected

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